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Holistic therapy and massage in Buckingham

Holistic therapy and massage can help ease back pain and neck pain, so whether you need a hot stone massage or an Indian head massage, get in touch with Think Holistic.
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 Benefits of massage include:

 Eases tension.
Boosts circulation and the immune system.
Eases back ache and neck pain. 
Help with anxiety and stress.

We consult with you to understand what your specific requirements are. We create a unique blend of essential oils just for you designed to either stimulate or soothe you, mentally or physically, depending on your requirements.  Our qualified and trained therapist, Trish, will only recommend the treatment that suits you the most. 

Get in touch with Trish to make an appointment today!

If you’re located in Buckingham, Brackley, Silverstone, Milton Keynes, Winslow, or Aylesbury get in touch with us today.
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Holistic therapies include:

•  Aromatherapy massage
•  Hot stone massage
•  Full body massage
•  Hand massage
•  Foot reflex massage
•  Deep tissue massage
•  Indian head massage
•  Beyond hand massage

Get in touch with us to find out about our diverse range of massages, complementary therapies and beauty treatments.

Complementary Therapy
The aromatherapy oils you used were lovely and I am still reaping the benefits well into the following week.” - Clare
For holistic therapy including Indian head massage, 
 call Think Holistic on 07921 778 704 
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